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It's Simple - I LOVE Fabric!

When on vacation, or travelling somewhere new, I stumble across a fabric or quilting Store,
and as I walk in, I feel that sense of "happy", and I can spend too much time "just looking",
appreciating the collections and "varieties"
especially in Stores that "respect" the fabric, where it's tidy, clean and organized!

And I usually bought some pieces, and hence had a random collection/selection
that one day I'd turn into some "pretty things".
Some things came up, and it seemed perhaps that day may not come, and I should do something
about my stash, so I took to de-stashing,
and as hard as it was for me to cut ties with each much loved piece,
I saw so many others had an appreciation for good quality quilting/sewing fabics.

As we all know, things happen for a reason, and in this case
I feel it was to meet up with some wonderful people, and re-engage with my love of fabric.

Well that has led me to buy more, to sell more, and on, and on.

I still love each piece/print/pattern I buy - I probably put too much weight on what
I think is nice, and what speaks to me, rather than being objective
and business minded about it, but what can I say!

I stand behind all my fabric - we have a smoke-free, pet-free environment and
if you have any issues, please contact me. 

So, here's my website, presenting quality, cut to length quilting and sewing fabrics,
to share with like minded fabricholics - there is no cure, just joy!!